Collection and Use of Information

I. SweetHeart Rose collects personal data for the purpose of fulfilling orders for products or services, or for the purpose of competitions and prize-giving, or for any other such purpose which requires the collection of personal data in order for SweetHeart Rose to fulfill an obligation.
II. Personal data includes, but is not limited to: the full name of the customer and/or recipient or competition entrant, payment details, e-mail address, recipient address and contact (mobile) phone numbers.
III. SweetHeart Rose does not keep records of customer’s credit card details unless requested by the customer .
IV. For customer security, your IP address will be logged and will be recorded with your purchase details.

Disclosure of Information

I. SweetHeart Rose may disclose personal data necessary to third party service providers for the purpose of fulfilling customer orders and any other obligations, such as prize-giving or sponsorship.
II. SweetHeart Rose will not disclose personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without prior authorization.
III. Under no circumstances will SweetHeart Rose sell or receive payments or services for disclosing customer’s personal information to any partner or external company.

Sender Anonymity and Disclosure

I. Customers have the right to remain anonymous except in circumstances where personal information is required to complete an electronic transaction.
II. SweetHeart Rose will disclose sender/customer information to a recipient when requested by the recipient or by the authorities.

Information Storage

I. SweetHeart Rose websites utilize cookies to store information of browsing history and to enable browsing features. We do not store any personal or financial information about customer-used cookies.

Promotional Material

I. Customers can elect to receive promotional material by joining as a Member and opting to receive plain text or HTML emails.